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Never purchase UltraShock in advance. SpaBalancer UltraShock loses 8 to 10% of its effectiveness each month and has a maximum lifetime of 1 year. Keep the bottle upright in a cool and dark place. In concentrated form, UltraShock is very bleachy


Very important note!

UltraShock is a mixture of substances that permanently produce oxygen. This oxygen is discharged through a degassing cap so that no high pressure builds up in the bottle. During horizontal transport and high temperatures, overpressure can occur and UltraShock can escape. For this reason, we have also placed UltraShock in a plastic bag for safety.

If UltraShock has leaked from the bottle, you can still use it. It is still 100% effective. Carefully remove the bottle from the bag and rinse it with water. Caution: The product is strongly bleaching. Do not let it get on furniture, floors or clothes as this can cause bleach stains and holes.

Never store lying down! This leads to overpressure in the bottle and leakage of the UltraShock.


What is SpaBalancer UltraShock?
SpaBalancer UltraShock is a cleaning agent based on Cl2Oxide. It is five times stronger than chlorine. SpaBalancer UltraShock reliably kills germs, bacteria and legionella.
Treating the water with conventional disinfectants such as chlorine or bromine initially makes the bacteria harmless. After a certain time, however, a large amount of legionella and other bacteria becomes apparent once again. The cause of this is the so-called biofilm. The biofilm serves as a “refuge and sanctuary” and protects the bacteria from the disinfectant. 
SpaBalancer UltraShock is the only disinfecting product that penetrates the biofilm and destroys the polysaccharides (complex sugars) contained therein.


When should you use SpaBalancer UltraShock?

A shock treatment is necessary:
• After initially filling the hot tub.
• If the water is not crystal clear.
• If the water smells unpleasant.
• If you have greasy deposits on the hot tub wall.
• If the water was heavily polluted by a “hot tub party”.
• Periodically, when using disinfectants such as chlorine, bromine, active oxygen, etc.

It is also possible to disinfect the hot tub with SpaBalancer UltraShock. This is recommended e.g. for hot tubs made of wood without a filter system installed.


How to perform a shock treatment 
Add 50 ml of SpaBalancer UltraShock for every 1000 liters of water. Keep the pump running with the addition of SpaBalancer UltraShock to ensure better mixing. It is important that SpaBalancer UltraShock is applied and left to work for at least 8 hours (should the duration of its use be less than 8 hours, bacteria and dirt may still be present in the hot tub).
You can control the concentration of SpaBalancer UltraShock with SpaBalancer test strips. After 8 hours, the test strip should show at least 1 ppm concentration. If there is no more SpaBalancer UltraShock in the water before eight hours are up, repeat the shock treatment. Important: These values are based on warm water at 37 degrees. In colder water, SpaBalancer UltraShock degrades slowly. 
If SpaBalancer UltraShock still breaks down too quickly even after the second application, it may indicate serious pollution with plenty of biofilm in the pipes. Higher doses are displayed here. (Maximum 200 ml for every 1000 liters of water).


SpaBalancer UltraShock as an additional cleaning agent with “problematic” hot tubs
Problematic hot tubs are hot tubs with insufficient filtering, e.g. inflatable hot tubs or wooden hot tubs. When using SpaBalancer, sufficient filtering (at least 6 hours a day) and clean filters are crucial factors for success. With some hot tubs, the filter run time cannot be set and this can lead to greasy deposits and turbidity. In these cases, shock treatment should be carried out regularly as necessary.

After the successful shock treatment, wait until there is no longer any SpaBalancer UltraShock in the water. Then enter the usual amount of SpaBalancer in the water (40 ml to 60 ml). 
You can also apply 20 ml to 40 ml of SpaBalancer UltraShock to the water after each bath. The amount depends on the number of people who were in the hot tub. In addition, make sure you add approx. 20 ml to 60 ml of SpaBalancer per week. In this procedure, you use the advantages of both systems: SpaBalancer UltraShock is a fast-acting oxidant that breaks down after a short time, and SpaBalancer is a slow and continuously acting, skin-friendly water treatment and cleaning product.


SpaBalancer UltraShock as the sole disinfectant
SpaBalancer UltraShock can also be used as the sole disinfectant without SpaBalancer, e.g. for hot tubs without a filter system or hot tubs made of wood. Apply 20 ml of SpaBalancer UltraShock to the water per person for each use. Since SpaBalancer UltraShock has no residual effect, you should add 15 ml of SpaBalancer UltraShock to the water at least every three days when not using the hot tub. Make sure that the SpaBalancer UltraShock does not fall below 1.0 ppm.


SpaBalancer UltraShock as a shock disinfectant with other disinfection types

Since most types of disinfectants (chlorine, bromine, active oxygen) allow the growth of biofilm, it is recommended that a shock treatment with SpaBalancer UltraShock be performed regularly. This not only eliminates the biofilm, but also any residual disinfectant, thus significantly improving the water quality.


SpaBalancer UltraShock as a deodorizer
SpaBalancer UltraShock has the ability to destroy aroma molecules. With this unique ability, you can even refresh bad smelling water again by adding 10 to 20 ml of UltraShock for every 1000 liters of water.


SpaBalancer UltraShock loses about 8% of its effectiveness every month and is durable up to 1 year. It should be kept in a cool and dark place. The quantities should then be increased to compensate for the diminishing effectiveness after the expiration date. There is a label with the date of expiration on the bottom of each bottle.



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