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With a view!





Back to nature!

• Red-cedar structure

• Volcanic rocks

• Electric heating

• Red-cedar tub

• Tailor-made

• Delivered assembled or as a kit

• Red-cedar tub
• Wood-heated
• No jets, no electricity


Outdoor: Bubble sauna 

Invite Scandinavian traditions into your home!
Incorporate a stylish and panoramic outdoor sauna that will blend in with its surroundings.

A superb cedar-wood cabin reminiscent of Finnish saunas. A quiet and cosy corner between 40 and 50°C for you to unwind...

A real way of life! 


Panoramic bubble dimensions

Diameter: 1.88 m

Length: 2 m

Capacity 4 people

Your equipment   

  • Stainless steel bands

  • Panoramic bubble

  • 2 wooden benches

  • 1 light

  • 1 8-kW electric stove with volcanic rocks

  • 1 stove protector

  • 1 wooden bucket and ladle

  • 1 thermo-hygrometer

  • 1 hourglass

  • 1 door with safety glass

Indoor: Infrared cabin 

Bulles de Cèdre® also installs infrared electric saunas. The cabin is made of cedar and the stove traditionally found in saunas is replaced by infrared panels. Temperatures are slightly lower and therefore better tolerated by people sensitive to heat.


What are the benefits? 

Lower blood pressure, detoxification, stronger metabolism, soothes muscle and joint pain, etc.

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Bask in bubbles at a temperature of 37 to 42°C! Make your dreams come true with Bulles de Cèdre® spas (Basic and Comfort ranges). Our cedar-wood spas come in 3 sizes, with 6 to 16 hydromassage jets. Depending on the layout, they can be inground, semi-inground or aboveground. In a garden, on a patio, in a wellness area... For relaxing in style in your garden, on your patio, or indoors in a wellness area.

Your equipment   

  • A red-cedar tub

  • Available in three sizes

  • Diameter 160 cm – 2-4 people

  • Diameter 180 cm – 5-6 people

  • Diameter 210 cm – 7-8 people

  • A 360° bubble seat with a silent air blower

  • A 3-kW [EH1] electric heater

  • A two-speed air pump, 2 to 3 HP

  • 6 to 16 hydromassage jets

  • 10-colour underwater light

  • Cartridge filter

  • Insulating hard cover

  • Water treatment starter pack


Tub dimensions

Height: 1.22 m

Wood thickness: 45 mm

How much water?
Depending on the size of the tub: 1,800, 2,450 or 3,400 litres


What works must be performed before installation?

The slab, the hydraulic network and electricity.

What about water treatment? 

We advise you to empty the tub every three months and to clean the sides using a soft brush and soft soap.



In Northern European countries – Finland, Norway, Sweden – wood-fired hot tubs have been a real way of life for many years. It's an activity to share with family and friends. There’s nothing like hot water to get the conversation flowing! The French too are becoming increasingly addicted to this ecological spa alternative. Bulles de Cèdre® wood-fired hot tubs work without electricity or jets. The red-cedar circular tub can easily be installed in a secluded corner of your garden, out of sight of your neighbours. No noisy pumps or motors, just the crackling of the fire in the wood stove and nature in all its splendour. Feel the stress melt away!


Your equipment  

  • A 40KW wood stove

  • A rigid thermal wood blanket

  • An ash shovel

  • A paddle

  • A floating thermometer

  • An emptying

  • A circular bench

  • Access steps, a shelf


Tub dimensions

Height: 1.22 m

Wood thickness: 45 mm

How hot should the water be?

It takes two to two and half hours (depending on the tub’s dimensions) to heat the water to 38°C.


What about installation?

The Bulles de Cèdre® wood-fired hot tub is delivered assembled. All you need to do is set it in place, fill it up, and luxuriate!


What about maintenance?

A manual explains how to maintain the water and use the control panel.


What about the wood?

All our tubs are made from the highest-quality kiln-dried cedar. Our wood-fired hot tubs have no coating or acrylic shell, just smooth, aromatic cedar.

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