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SpaBalancer SystemFlush is a highly effective pipe cleaner for the recommended annual cleaning of your pipes.


Several meters of piping can be found in all spas. Varying flow behavior may result in dirt and biofilm settling in pipes. Therefore, we recommend that you clean your pipes thoroughly once a year.


SpaBalancer SystemFlush was developed for the intensive cleaning of spa pipes:

  • quickly and aggressively removes biofilm
  • removes calcium deposits
  • removes fats and oils

One bottle of SpaBalancer SystemFlush is sufficient for a spa with 1,500 liters of water. In particularly difficult cases (such as older, used spas) a double dosage may be used.



  • Raise the water level by a few centimetres before adding SystemFlush to the water.
  • Leave the filters in the hot tub.
  • Start all pumps and pour the bottle of SpaBalancer SystemFlush into the water.
  • Allow System Flush to work overnight.
  • Switch the pumps on and off at short intervals. The more often, the better the cleaning effect.
  • Drain the hot tub.
  • Rinse the pipes thoroughly through the nozzles with a garden hose.
  • Fill the whirlpool with fresh water.


  • For a better effect, you can leave the SystemFlush in the water for several days. We recommend a long filter time and thorough daily rinsing of the filters with the filter shower.
  • If you have cleaned the spa with SystemFlush, you cannot dispose of the old water in the garden.



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