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How Does it Work?

The Filter Flosser is an easy-to-use and super-effective swimming pool and spa filter cleaning tool. It’s made by a pool and spa owner for pool and spa owners.

The Filter Flosser projects a powerful and evenly dispersed spray, generating a unique water and air agitation action which penetrates deep between the pleats of cartridge filters to remove hard-to-reach dirt and grime.

The Filter Flosser’s variable cleaning actions – converged, vertical and horizontal – save 50% of the water and time it takes to clean swimming pool and spa filter cartridges. Its distinctive curved nozzle generates more pressure and seven times the coverage of average garden hoses.



Strong, reliable and convenient The Filter Flosser is sturdy and reliable. It’s manufactured from 100% durable aluminium, has a rubber moulded handle, connects easily to household garden hoses and features a convenient on/off lever. The detachable cleaning nozzle also allows you to remove pesky nozzle-blocking debris in seconds. Cleans quickly by creating more pressure and seven times the coverage of average garden hoses and cleans hard to reach spots between the cartridge pleats. The Filter Flosser is an on site work horse and fits easily into your tool box and is made from 100% durable aluminium.


You’ll also prolong the life of your filters.

The high pressure jet emitted by our filter sprayer penetrates to the deepest folds of the filter fabric and reliably removes stubborn dirt. This dirt reduces the life of your filter and forces you to use higher disinfectant concentrations if you fail to remove it.

Connect the filter cleaning sprayer to your garden hose with the included Gardena adapter and begin with a thorough deep cleaning of your filter. Your filter will look like new.



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