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SpaBalancer Basic is the innovation that lets you keep the water in your spa clear, clean, and odorless - it is entirely organic and chlorine free. With SpaBalancer Basic, your spa water will become very soft and your skin will no longer be irritated. Skin irritation becomes a thing of the past. Your skin will keeps its natural hydrolipidic film and will not dry out. Even people with sensitive skin or neurodermatitis can once again enjoy their spa. SpaBalancer Basic alters the existing lime in the water, thus protecting the technology of your spa. The life of your spa will be considerably extended and you will save on costs for repairing calcified pumps and corroded heaters. The cushions and cover will also have a much longer life, as they are no longer exposed to the aggressive vapors of disinfectants. Instead of replacing the spa water every two to four months, by using SpaBalancer, you can use the same water much longer. You’ll be protecting the environment and saving both energy and money.


The advantages of SpaBalancer Basic:

  • Extremely easy water care: just one measuring cup per week.
  • SpaBalancer Basic maintains the natural pH of the water and works at any pH level.
  • Works with any water hardness.
  • The spa water is odorless.
  • No more lime and dirt deposits above the waterline.
  • Never apply cream again: the water is soft and skin-friendly.
  • No skin problems: no scratching, no itching, no tightness. You can even enjoy your spa if you have neurodermatitis.
  • No more red or inflammed eyes.
  • No breathing problems.
  • No more having to shower to remove the chlorine smell after using the spa.
  • Cushions, cover, and the plastic shell will no longer be damaged.
  • Frequest water changes are no longer necessary: replace water only once a year.
  • The water will remain crystal clear for 4 weeks when not in use (e.g. when on vacation) without having to add SpaBalancer Basic during that time.

SpaBalancer is not a biocide and should always be used in combination with UltraShock or another biocide which has been officially approved in the country where it is to be used.



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